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SprintVPN Internet Security.

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Our Benefits

Get the hi-tech security your family needs

Our VPN service has a special, two layer encryption feature that will keep your data safe all the time.

Before you can blink, your content will load when using SprintVPN.

We believe in delivering great performance. It is why our high speed servers can help you max out your internet.

No Hands!

Our VPN clients are designed to provide both simplicity and great features. They are simple to setup and use, even for beginners!

Zero Logging

No logs are kept at this establishment. Even if a third party comes after your information, we have nothing to give them!

The shutdown protection that you need

Say the VPN connection breaks when you are downloading a file. With SprintVPN VPN service, you can automatically have our client shut off internet to the device. It will ensure your IP address never leaks.

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Don’t settle for less, be fortified with a SprintVPN

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